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I’ve been working on a proof of concept using the DJI Mobile SDK for the Inspire 1 drone. The app is simple in concept, but can provide a lot of value to drone pilots looking to extend their toolkit. Using the DJI Mobile SDK I’ve been able to write an iPad app that will allow the Inspire 1 to take photos to be stitched for a 360 degree aerial panorama. The feedback from the community has been very positive and I hope to take this to the app store soon. You can see some sample panoramas from my Inspire 1 here:

Make sure to click the fullscreen icon in the top right of the panorama to get a high resolution view. The last one is probably my favorite because I’m a skateboarder and it’s very cool to see an aerial perspective of a skatepark.

I’m currently looking for beta testers so if you’re interested just shoot me an email (db at unmannedairlines dot com) and I’ll get you setup. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated.