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This is just a brief tutorial of how to use DroneRepeat, which is currently in beta. We thought it would be nice to have a drone app that allows you to take a shot and then consistently repeat that shot on a hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly interval. Thanks to Phil Myers for sending us these screen shots during his beta testing.

We assume you understand how to use 3rd party apps with your DJI Drone. You also need an understanding of your flight mode switch in case you need to regain control of your aircraft. DroneRepeat works in an autonomous manner.

Step 1 – Launch DroneRepeat and fly to your desired shot location. Make sure you can pitch your gimbal with your RC scroll wheel to frame your shot.



Step 2 – After framing your shot tap the photo button on the screen. Your photo will be taken and you will be prompted whether or not you want to save the shot parameters. DroneRepeat will save the GPS location, altitude, heading and gimbal pitch. We don’t currently save exposure settings as those will vary from day to day. So it’s a good idea to set your exposure with your scroll wheel or DJI GO before repeating your shot.



Step 3 – After you save the shot you will see a Google Map displaying the shot location and your aircraft overlaid on top. Each shot location will be represented by an icon. Your shot is now ready to be repeated whenever you want.



Step 4 – Repeating a shot is easy. Go to the map, click on any of the shot markers and preview the details. The shot marker will turn green. The pink icon represents your aircraft.



Step 5 – You will get a confirmation to repeat the shot. Click Yes to proceed or No to do nothing. Shots can be repeated while in the air or from the ground.



Step 6 – Your aircraft will now fly towards the shot location and give feedback of the status. The status indicator is a bit buggy at the moment, but should be sufficient for testing purposes. In this case the indicator shows “Flying to shot location.”



Step 7 – Now the aircraft is in position and is pitching the gimbal to the previously saved angle.


Your shot was repeated successfully. Click on another shot marker to rinse and repeat. We have some exciting features planned for DroneRepeat so please stay tuned. If you’d like to join our community you can find us here: